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Pat McClellan

Pat McClellan, is one of our beginner obedience assistants, she is loved by all of our dogs and our students’ dogs – fondly known as the “cookie lady” she just can’t resist a cute face or a waggy tail.  Pat is currently the proud owner of 3 Beagles (Daisy, Sam & Zippy) and 3 Ridgebacks (Indy, Ally & Star).  Pat has owned, and is still owned by both pure bred dogs and rescue dogs. 
She became interested in dog sports with her first Beagle, Molly in 1997.  Her dogs have titled in Agility, Obedience, Tracking, Tricks, and Nosework.  She has successfully handled her Ridgebacks in Conformation, but performance is her true love.
Pat’s highest Agility title is her MACH with her Beagle Snicker Doodle in 2010. She has earned  9  CD’s,  3 with Beagles & 6 with Ridgebacks.  Daisy Mae Beagle is currently doing incredibly well in Nosework, a new passion for Pat and Daisy.
She has been assisting with Alchemy’s Beginner Obedience classes since 2003. She is an AKC CGC Evaluator, helping us out with our Trick Dog testing and our CGC tests.
Pat is very active in the Atlanta performance dog community.  She was instrumental in establishing 4 PAW Agility Club of North Georgia in 2000 and is the current President. She is a member of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the US Finance Committee.  When not training her dogs, competing with them or helping out with our classes, Pat truly enjoys gardening and taking her dogs on an occasional hike in the woods.

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