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Beginning Obedience - 8 Weeks

Group classes offer lots of distractions and a friendly atmosphere for training your dog.  Classes are taught with one instructor and two assistants.  Handlers are strongly encouraged to use food rewards in this class.  Positive methods are used to train all exercises.  Collar corrections will be demonstrated, but will not be required or even recommended for most students.  Skills taught - sit, down, sit-stay, down-stay, walk with attention, come, heeling, leave-it, watch and stand.  Graduation exercise in the 8th week is the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test that is open to all breeds.

Requirements - Dogs must be a minimum of 3 months of age and a shot record must be presented.

Aggressive dogs need to be evaluated before joining a group class.  Any dog with a history of people or dog aggression should contact us for a private evaluation and training choices.

Intermediate Obedience - Rally   8 Weeks

This class is an 8 week session that builds on the skills learned in beginner obedience class.  Rally Obedience is more relaxed than competition obedience, handlers are allowed to encourage their dogs verbally and without hand signals through the course..  Dogs and handlers learn to negotiate a course that challenges their ability to work as a team.  Exercises include heeling, sits, downs, stays and work around distractions.  Rally is a great way to continue to develop a novice dog's obedience skills.

Requirements - Current Shot record and completion of Alchemy Beginner Class or approval of instructor.

Intermediate Competition Obedience - CD   8 Weeks

This class builds on the skills learned in Beginner Obedience.  More distractions will be introduced during stays and heeling.  Off leash heeling is introduced with an emphasis on attention.

The focus of this class is to teach skills necessary to earn a Companion Dog (CD) title in AKC, or ASCA. 

Requirements - Current Shot record and completion of Alchemy Beginner Class or approval of instructor.

Advanced Competition Obedience - CDX    8 weeks

Dogs and handlers learn and polish the skills needed to earn an AKC or ASCA CDX title.  Off lead heeling, drop on recall, retrieve on the flat and over the high jump, broad jump and command discrimination.  Only positive training methods are used to train and reinforce retrieves.

Requirements - Current Shot record and completion the of Alchemy Intermediate Class or a CD Title.

Private Training Sessions

The trainer comes to your home or you come to our training building for one on one training sessions geared to your needs.  Basic obedience and behavioral problems can be worked on at your convenience.

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