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Colleen Allen

Colleen is currently an assistant instructor in the Beginning Obedience Classes and instructor for the Rally Class.  Colleen, a Veterinary Technician, brings to Alchemy a lifetime of care and training of animals. She began with her first Borzoi, Phaedra Prince of Thieves (a.k.a. “Meelo”), training for obedience and conformation in her home state of Massachusetts. In addition, Colleen and Meelo also worked as a pet therapy team in Malden, MA. 
Colleen has immersed herself in all aspects of animal care and training.  With longtime friend and mentor Kris Ashton, she assisted with running her boarding kennel and participating in many of her obedience classes.  Colleen went on to become Ms. Ashton’s training assistant and occasionally taught her obedience classes to beginners.
After college, Colleen went on to teach dog grooming and training at Mount Ida College in Newton, MA before a dramatic lifestyle change took her to Florida where she became an assistant trainer of Bengal Tigers.  She and her husband Khris, worked together to establish a trust and relationship based method of raising and training tigers.  This method of training tigers had been previously unknown and untried in the training of wild animals.  For ten years they entertained thousands of people with their educational and heart-warming presentation of their group of Bengal tigers.
Since retiring from the exhausting life as tiger trainers, Colleen and Khris have happily immersed themselves once again in training
Phaedra Denali Zarievo, RA, CGC Borzoi;  Echo Zarievo, CD, CGC Australian Cattle Dog;  Zarievo Blue, CGC Australian Cattle Dog;  Zarievo Kokoda   New GuineaSinging Dog

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