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Black Dog

Behavior Consulting & Special Needs

Behavioral Problem Solving

Most clients find our private obedience sessions useful in solving behavioral problems that commonly occur in the home;  mouthing, biting, jumping, stealing food, trash or other items, housebreaking, barking, overly protective behavior.

The list can go on and on.  We come out to your home and help you solve your problems with your dog.  Sessions generally last for one hour, problems are addressed in the order that you choose.

Picking the Right Puppy

Most dog training and consultation is done after you bring home your new friend and the problems are starting.  Why wait?

Make sure you are getting the right breed and puppy for your family before you go and pick out a puppy.  So many things are involved in choosing a puppy;  are you active?  Do you have children?  What ages are your children?  Do you like a busy dog or a couch potato?  Shedding, non-shedding?  Noisy, quiet?

Alchemy will help you determine which breed fits your family and lifestyle, and can also teach you how to select the individual puppy that will integrate best with your family.

Have a new puppy?

Your brand new bundle of joy has arrived, and you realize it's been years since you've had a puppy.  So many questions...

How often and much should I feed?

How often does he need to go out?

How can I help him sleep through the night?

When can he learn to walk on a leash?

When can he start training?

Why isn't he learning to go outside?

You know the questions, we have the answers.  Alchemy's New Puppy Sessions are done in your home, we get you started out right before any problems start.  Learn the quickest and easiest methods of housebreaking, how to teach your puppy to sit, lay down, come when called and walk on a leash in a happy and positive way all before they are 4 months old.  No leash corrections are ever used on young puppies.

Training sessions can be done as early as 8 weeks, because it's all done in your own home, your puppy's health will not be compromised.

Teach your puppy how to do things the right way

from the very start.

Aggression Consultations

Unfortunately not all dogs are easy to live with.  Due to genetics or environment there are always some that display aggression towards other dogs, other people and sometimes family members.

Most of these dogs can be rehabilitated through obedience training, changes in routine in the home and sometimes through management of their environment.  Aggression problems are never solved quickly, but with a motivated owner the situation can usually be improved. 

Alchemy aggression consultations take place in your home,  the trainer will evaluate your dog in his own environment where he feels most comfortable and is most likely to exhibit the aggressive behavior that prompted the session.  Usually an aggression consultation is very similar to a detective novel, lots of fact finding, lots of questions and answers, the dog may be provoked in minor ways - there will be no physical confrontation at any time between the trainer and your dog.  Aggression is never solved through physical brutality.

An honest evaluation of the dog will be given at the end of the session, it will include recommendations for specific obedience training, changes in household routine, and changes in owner/family interaction with the dog.

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