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Beginning Agility - 8 Week Introduction Class

Dogs and handlers learn the safe and correct performance of all obstacles.  The concentration of the course is on developing the motivation, speed and skills necessary for future success in competition.  Basic handling moves are taught, with an emphasis on correct body language to insure clear communication with your dog.  Training methods are positive and the use of food treats and/or toys is required.  Clicker training is highly recommended.

Requirements - Current shot record is necessary.  Dogs must be a minimum of 6 months old and have completed an Alchemy Beginner Obedience class.  A Graduation certificate from another obedience class will be accepted.  If your dog is home schooled, he can be evaluated for basic skills of sit, down, stay and come.  Contact us to set up a private evaluation.

Intermediate Agility - 8 Week Sessions  

Basic skills taught in beginner class are integrated into a complete sequence.  Handlers are taught how to correctly walk a course, plan strategies and improve their own performance of all handling maneuvers.  Continued training in motivation and positive feedback for the canine teammate.  Weave pole, teeter & jumping performance will be improved and perfected.

Requirements - Current shot record is necessary.  Completion of Alchemy

Beginner Agility class or approval of instructor is required. Contact us to set up a private evaluation.

Advanced Agility - 8 Week Sessions

This class is designed for students that are currently competing or are considered "Trial Ready".  The focus of these classes is the improvement of existing handler and canine skills.  Lesson plans include advance course strategies, learning to minimize your dog's path and course time, obstacle discrimination, layering and much more.  Class level and challenges are suitable for dogs competing at the advance levels of agility.

Requirements - Current shot record is necessary.  Instructor approval is necessary for this level.  Contact us to set up a private evaluation.

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